May, 2-3

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Tashkent International Investment Forum

The Tashkent International Investment Forum is an internationally recognised space that platforms the high-growth potential of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian markets.

Uzbekistan stands at an important moment in its history. With foreign direct investment in the country fast-growing, it is targeting further dynamic growth and development. As it continues to pursue an ambitious program of reform and economic modernisation, the Government recognises the vital role that foreign investment plays in driving sustainable progress.

The Forum convenes investors from across the globe to showcase the significant investment opportunities that Uzbekistan presents across various sectors including energy, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, mining and the digital economy. Inaugurated in 2022, the Tashkent International Investment Forum was launched to foster collaboration and deal-making with international partners as the region pursues its long-term goals of sustainable growth and development.

The Forum provides foreign investors with a gateway into the New Uzbekistan: the big country with big opportunities.