Passports and Visa Requirements

All delegates and participants should ensure that their passports’ validity exceeds six months, and in all cases, longer than the stay’s duration, and ensure they obtain a valid visa before entering the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Participants are invited to review the visa requirements on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Participants are kindly invited to observe entry visa requirements. For participants who need a visa to enter to the Republic of Uzbekistan, are invited to contact the nearest diplomatic representation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in their countries of residence. Subsequently, in countries where there is no diplomatic representation of Uzbekistan, visa can be obtained on arrival, subject to uploading valid passport and recent photo during the registration process. More information on visa requirements can be found on the Forum’s website.

Travel to and from Tashkent

It is expected that Participants of Forum make their travel arrangements to and from Tashkent.

Participants of Forum are encouraged to arrange their arrival and return flight reservations directly to and from Tashkent as early as possible to secure the flights and dates of their choice.

Airport Reception

Protocol officers will be available at Tashkent, Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport to assist participants entry and departure.


Upon entry into the Republic of Uzbekistan, it is strictly prohibited for travelers to bring in items such as drugs, firearms, or ammunition. While departing from the country, travelers are permitted to carry an unrestricted amount of foreign currency; however, if the cash exceeds 100 million soms (equivalent to approximately 8000 US dollars), it is mandatory to declare the amount using the T-6 form.

We advise the Forum’s participants to review the complete list of allowed and prohibited items from the following website: